nterfacing the AD22100 Temperature Sensor to a Low Cost Single-Chip Microcontroller

The application note gives the reader explanation about bits, cycle, signal voltage, offset compensation, conversion cycle, range, conversion, input, digital calibration, temperature sensor, register, power, offset, power supply voltage, data, and conversion process. Inside this application note we can learn info such as load, error, reference, power supply, microcontroller, clock, comparator, temperature coefficient, application note, performance, pulse train, temperature, calibration, sensor, simplified schematic, and span calibration.

There are lots of explanation regarding bit, factor, byte, pulse, voltage, feedback voltage, signal, interface, converter, scaling, supply, transfer function, train density, read, application, and resolution are described inside this application note. Below are selected from this application note:

The AD22100 is a new monolithic silicon temperature sensor with several unique attributes. These attributes make it easier to interface the AD22100 to microcontrollers than other temperature sensor ICs. Available in both TO-92 and SOIC packages, the AD22100 features single-supply operation, the ability to measure negative temperatures without requiring a negative power supply, and a voltage output that is ratiometric to its power supply, rather than to an absolute voltage. Other IC temperature sensors rely on the physics of certain silicon circuit topologies to measure temperature. In particular, the AD590, and its successors, make use of the temperature coefficient of the differential voltage between two silicon junctions (operating at different current densities) to produce an output that is proportional to absolute temperature.

Giving more content, the application note contains information around supply voltage, operating range, density, calibration factor, loop, feedback, reference voltage, integral linearity, output, indicated temperature, conversion loop, transfer, data scale routine, voltage generator, and circuit.

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