Omega PX541 Series Pressure Transducer Datasheet

This ebook presents information about adjustment, pressure, zero adjustment, repair, omega engineering, power supply, and product. Inside this ebook we can learn info related to pressure sensor, pressure transducers, pressure transducer, full scale pressure, pressure snubber, and omega.

There are lots of discussion such as terminal block, output reading, parts, electrical connection, engineering, and transducer are explained in the ebook. These are excerpted from the ebook:

PX541 pressure transmitter consists of a pressure connection section with built-in piezoresistive pressure sensor, and a case for housing the electronic equipment and the electrical connection. The pressure sensor is immersed in silicone oil, which is separated from the medium being measured with a thin stainless steel diaphragm.

Even more, this ebook presents discussion regarding installation, wiring diagram, nuclear installation, span adjustment, connector, and px541.

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