OMRON’s E2K-C Adjustable Long Distance Sensor Datasheet

Lots of discussion related to cable, temperature, circuit diagrams, detection, data, sensor, operation indicator, protection, proximity sensor, timing chart, power, and operation are presented inside this datasheet. The datasheet contains discussion such as load voltage, indicator, standard sensing object, distance, sensing distance, specifications, temperature range, operation mode, standard, carrying parts, and noise resistant models.

Inside the datasheet you can learn description around mounting, distances, mounting bracket, reset operation, engineering data, current, voltage, circuit, accessories, noise, and timing. Below are taken from this datasheet:

Sensing Object Material The E2K-C can detect almost any type of object. The sensing distance of the E2K-C, however, will vary with the electrical characteristics of the object, such as the conductance and inductance of the object, and the water content and capacity of the object. The maximum sensing distance of the E2K-C will be obtained if the object is made of grounded metal.

Additionally, the datasheet presents information such as load current, proximity, leakage, systems, omron, case, limitations, dimensions, sensing, application, and object.

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