Operation and Installation Manual for Model 250 Rotary Speed Sensor

This installation instruction gives the reader discussion about delay control, speed detection, circuit, speed sensor board, sensor board, the startup delay, shutdown circuit, connection diagram, operating speed, and the operating point. In the installation instruction the reader can learn explanation like control board, underspeed, the speed setpoint, overspeed, sensor, wiring, speed sensor, the speed sensor, rotary speed, and circuit board.

Lots of things regarding range setting, minimum operating, range, minimum operating speed, low range setting, actual dropout point, initial installation, the midrange setting, overspeed detection, and applications are explained in the installation instruction. The following are chosen from this installation instruction:

Mag-Con Engineering Model 250 Speed Sensor Startup Del ay 15 20 Run Test 10 5 25 0 30 (Seconds) OVER UNDER F1 300-3600 PPM 60-300 PPM 15-60 PPM 1/4A 100 TB2 90 0 10 LOC K 1 80 20 2 LO CK 70 30 3 40 60 50 TB1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Model 250 Rotary Speed Sensor Installation and Operation Instructions 1.0 PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The Badger Magnetics Rotary Speed Sensor system consists of a speed sensor board, a sense head, and a magnetic “mark”.

Additionally, the installation instruction gives the reader information such as detection, motor, underspeed detection, installation, response time, midrange setting, speed, speed setpoint, control circuit, and speed applications.

Download Operation and Installation Manual for Model 250 Rotary Speed Sensor pdf
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