Operation Manual for Sensor Control Interface

This operation manual contains information like output, system, main microcontroller, signal, supply, sensor control interface, communication serial port, control, commands, software, chapter, connectors, power, and voltage. Lots of discussion such as interface connector, battery voltage, serial port, board sensors, motor, control interface, board, motor driver, direct communication, operation, port, test adapter, and motor speed are described inside this operation manual.

In the operation manual the reader can get things like sensor, analog ports, speed, test adapters, microcontroller, digital clock, moved location, brightness values, figure, interface, reprogramming sockets, line interface, and connector. Below are grabbed from the operation manual:

The SensorControlInterface ( ) board is a multipurpose Input/Output board that provides interfaces to external electronic devices such as sensors and actuators. It either operates as standalone system or connects to a standard Personal Computer. board was specifically designed to support exploration of analog-VLSI The (aVLSI) chips, providing a large number of adjustable voltages for generating chip biases, board is several analog input ports and several digital control lines. Most important, the separated into a “digital” and an “analog” section (DS, AS), containing completely separated circuits for the digital control logic and the analog interface to the aVLSI chips

Also, the operation manual gives you info about serial communication, command, pin, boards, line, communication interface, adapter, data, communication, program, software documentation, servo connectors, and servo angle.

Download Operation Manual for Sensor Control Interface pdf
File size: 1.267 MB, number of pages: 30, download server: www.ini.unizh.ch
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