Optical Fibre Current Sensor for Electric Power Industry

There are lots of discussion around transmission, power, sensors, production, magneto optical effect, input, core, refractive index, output, and based are explained in the paper. Inside the paper we can read info regarding present, linear input polarization, polarization, current, manufacturing, azimuth, magnetic field, birefringence, and induction.

This paper tells us discussion such as glass, ellipticity, produced optical fibres, fibre current sensor, diameter, method, optical properties, optical fibre, and system. Here are grabbed from the paper:

The paper deals with the optical fibre current sensor based on new optical fibre made of glass with a high value of refractive index. This kind of glass was developed to meet the requirements of these optical fibres. The aim of investigations was to develop a new optical fibre with adequate magneto-optical properties and a relatively weak linear birefringence resulting from the process of its production. These features are of essential importance for optical fibre current sensors. The results of investigations concerning such optical fibres have been presented, displaying satisfactory magneto-optical properties, as well as only low linear birefringence induced by stresses arising in the course of their manufacturing.

Giving more content, the paper contains discussion around value, magneto optical properties, properties, current sensor, fibre, effect, mode, importance, and high refractive index.

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