Optimal Design of Dynamic Multiaxis Force Sensor

There are lots of explanation related to optimal design, dynamic force, design problem, structure, minimum phase, information, implicit system, estimation, transient information, inversion accuracy, moment, optimality criterion, multi–axis force, application point, multi–axis force torque, singular value, and dynamic force torque are described inside the paper. This paper gives the reader discussion such as measurement, rigid part, applied force, estimated moment, design, transfer function, torque sensor, function, gauge, torques, mechanical structure, torque sensors, torque sensing, strain gauge, inversion algorithm, and optimization problem.

Inside the paper you can learn info such as transfer, torque, measurements, section, strain, dynamic system, force torque sensing, strain measurements, strain gauges, space model, experimental results, system, position, sensor design, sensor, and input. Below are some excerpt from the paper:

The measurement of time–varying forces and torques applied to flexible mechanical structures cannot be pursued by relying on quasi–static approximations. However the problem can be casted as a problem of system inversion, provided reliable models of the dynamic relationship among force/torques and measurement gauges are available. Within this framework, it is possible in particular to define optimality criteria for gauge placements in order to guide the design of such dynamic force/torque sensing devices. Experimental results show that the approach proposed is indeed capable of reconstructing force, torque and point of contact applied to a flexible beam with a rigid part.

Additionally, this paper contains info around optimal sensor, strain gauge output, equation, dynamic multi–axis, force torques, force, input signal, minimum singular value, signals, contact point, system inversion, beam, admissible region, inversion, algorithm, and deformable structure.

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