OPTIMESS Laser Distance Sensor Datasheet

In the datasheet we can get info about measurement, laser, output, and measuring. Many info such as distance, sensor, system, and distance measurement are described inside this datasheet.

The datasheet contains discussion around image sensor, laser diode, optical system, and sensor optimess. Here are chosen from this datasheet:

This sensor distinguishes itself by a great independence of the measurement accuracy on different material surfaces and from the ambient light. The OPTIMESS LR works according to the triangulation principle. The laser spot projected by a laser diode via an optical system is represented at an angle on a linescan image sensor by a receiving optical system. The processor integrated in the sensor processes the optical distance information and outputs them as an analog value or via the CAN bus.

Furthermore, the datasheet contains discussion such as measuring rate, bus, and optical.

Download OPTIMESS Laser Distance Sensor Datasheet pdf
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