Optimisation of A Self-mixing Laser Displacement Sensor

The dissertation presents explanation related to fringe, optical displacement, signals, displacement, equation, measurements, unwrapping method, transition detection, displacement sensor, displacement measurement, optical power, feedback regime, output power, refractive index, power, transition, amplitude, optical feedback, and optical components. Inside this dissertation we can find information such as signal processing, rough estimation, feedback, applications, laser displacement sensor, fourier transform, doppler frequency, weak feedback, joint estimation, algorithm, varying optical feedback, diode laser, detection algorithm, adaptive solutions, estimation, measurement, detection, signal, and counting method.

Many information around threshold, resolution, laser, laser diode, block diagram, moderate feedback, negative transitions, external cavity, displacement sensors, self mixing phenomenon, technique, phase equation, self mixing, optimisation, method, self mixing interferometry, estimated phase, reflection coefficient, and velocity are explained inside the dissertation. The following are selected from the dissertation:

The field of metrological sensing continues to rely on optics based solutions, as contrary to other measuring techniques which necessitate a contact with the target surface, an optical sensor provides a precise and contact-less measurement of the target motion. Various optical instruments exist in the market, which use, among others, the principle of classical interferometry to obtain results with excellent precision. However, high cost, difficult alignment and cumbersome nature of various optical components needed in the set-up remain important hindrances to their increased use under industrial conditions. Within this context, the principle of Self-Mixing Interferometry provides us with a sensing solution that is compact, self-aligned and cost-effective while providing very good precision.

Even more, this dissertation tells us info regarding laser diodes, stand alone laser, threshold value, injection current, distance, equivalent cavity, displacement algorithm, influence, laser emission, fringe loss, mixing laser, sensors, phenomenon, frequency, diode, sensor, cavity, self mixing signal, and mixing signal.

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