Optional Alternator And Battery Temperature Sensor Installation Instructions

This manual presents explanation related to voltage correction, sensor, battery temperature, cable, lamp, and battery. Lots of discussion related to temperature sensor, match polarity, charging, battery temperature sensor, temperature, and temperature condition are described inside this manual.

Inside the manual we can get explanation about audible alarm, lamp circuit, alternator, pins, terminal, and alternator temperature. Below are taken from this manual:

With the Alternator Temperature S ens or ins talled, the Max Charge and ARS -4 voltage regulators can monitor the alternator and res pond if ambient temperature conditions are detected. Once an over-temperature condition is detected, the regulator will reduce alternator field current to 50%. This will reduce the amperage output and hors epower load on the engine and belts , thus , giving the alternator an opportunity to cool to normal operating temperatures . At the s ame time, the regulator will s end the Das h Lamp terminal to ground, allowing the operator to identify a potential s ys tem problem if a das h warning light or audible alarm are us ed in conjunction with the Das h Lamp circuit.

Additionally, this manual tells the reader information such as correction, warning light, voltage, regulator, and condition.

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