Oxygen Gas Sensor PS-2126A from Pasco

Inside this instruction sheet you can read info around oxygen sensing element, electrolyte, amplifier, collection, sample, concentration, operating, gas permeable membrane, and rubber. This instruction sheet contains info regarding operating temperature, element, sampling, galvanic fuel, membrane, sensor, sensing element, and air.

Many things about connecting, light, sensing, instruction sheet, calibration, response time, deflector, and hydrogen peroxide are presented inside the instruction sheet. Here are grabbed from this instruction sheet:

The PS-2126A Oxygen Gas Sensor measures oxygen gas concentration in percent (%) and parts per million (ppm) oxygen. It can be used to study plant, animal, or cellular respiration; air quality; and the rate of oxygen (O2) production in chemical reactions (see the experiment on page 2 for one example). The fuel cell included with the PS-2126A has a useful life of 900,000 oxygen percent (O2%) hours. An example: If the sensor is used in a 100% oxygen atmosphere, the life of the sensor may be calculated as
900,000 O2% hours divided by 100% oxygen which is 9,000 hours. This is about 1 year.

Giving more content, this instruction sheet presents information around gas, connecting cable, permeable membrane, experiment, data, battery, equipment, and oxygen.

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