Oxygen Sensor Base Model: Model O2S and Model O2M

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Model O2S-F and Model O2S-D are galvanic cell type oxygen sensors. Models O2SF and O2S-D both have a lead anode, a gold cathode, an acid electrolyte and a Teflon membrane. The current flow between the electrodes is proportional to the oxygen concentration being measured. An internal bridge resistor is used to provide a mV output. Being a galvanic cell type sensor, a small amount of oxygen is consumed in the reaction in order to produce the current flow and subsequent mV output. The oxygen consumption was measured to be 2.2 ┬Ámol O2 per day when the O2 concentration was 20.95% (3240 mmol) at 23 oC. The mV output responds to the partial pressure of oxygen in air. The standard units for partial pressure are kPa. However, gas sensors that respond to partial pressure are typically calibrated to read out in mole fraction of the gas in air, which has units of moles of oxygen per mole of air.

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