Oxygen Sensor Brochure from Bluesense

The brochure presents discussion such as sensor, control, flow adapter, parallel bioreactors, control system, parallel measurement, systems, and flow adapters. Many discussion around stainless steel, screwed connection, oxygen, o2, flow, measurement, and data stream are explained in the brochure.

In the brochure we can read information like time, complicated gas lines, process, software, data, place, real time, and installation. Here are excerpted from the brochure:

BCP-O2 is a reliable and uncomplicate sensor for the measuring of the oxygen rate in real time. Processes in bioprocessing are optimized efficiently and precisely. The field of application is large – whether in the shake flask or in the fermenter, in the laboratory or on the industrial scale. BCP-O2 is favourably priced, longterm stable and is already often used in parallel bioreactors. For the parallel control of O2 and CO2 in growth analysis for scale-up applications, we additionally offer BCpreFerm as a ready-to-use analysis system. BCP-O2 has already proven its worth excellently. Also maintenance is more than easy and the costs of operation very low. The sensor convinces by its robust, compact housing, an exact calibration and is measuring on the spot, directly where the process takes place.

Additionally, the brochure presents discussion around process control system, housing, parallel, process control, connections, continuous data, and gas.

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