Oxygen Sensor-Material Safety Datasheet

This datasheet contains discussion like oxygen sensor, oxygen, sensors, and protection. There are lots of things regarding toxicity, potassium, and sensor material are explained in the datasheet.

Inside the datasheet the reader can learn info regarding sensor, potassium hydroxide, and instruments. Below are taken from this datasheet:

Analytical Instruments Oxygen Sensor Material Safety Data Sheet Section VII – Precautions for Safe Handling and Use Note: The oxygen sensors are sealed and under normal circumstances the contents of the sensors do not present a health hazard. The following information is given as a guide in the event that a cell leaks. Protective Measures During Cell Replacement: Before opening the bag containing the sensor cell, check the sensor cell for leakage. If the sensor cell has leaked, do not open the bag. If there is liquid around the cell while in the instrument, wear eye and hand protection when removing the sensor. For proper disposal, refer to Section XIII

Even more, the datasheet explains info such as oxygen sensors, analytical instruments, and oxygen sensor material.

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