Oxygen Sensor Module Kit User’s Manual D000025 Rev D

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The O2 Sensor Module Kit provides two identical Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor controllers. They are called controllers because there is much more involved than just sensing a voltage signal from the sensor. In general, the module controls the current (pump current, Ip) to the sensor element so as to maintain a fixed voltage reference across the element. The exhaust oxygen content, and therefore the air-fuel mass ratio, is proportional to Ip. The temperature of the sensor element is also critical in order to obtain a good exhaust oxygen measurement. The module controls the sensor element temperature to 750 degrees Celsius. The detailed description and internal operation of a wide-band oxygen sensor and its control is beyond the scope of this document. The purpose of this document is to instruct the user on how to properly connect the module to the Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor and operate the provided VIs to interface with the module.

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