Oxymac50, DE800, Elecdit: Oxygen Sensor Interface Boards

This product sheet contains discussion like power, oxygen, boards, necessary circuits, sensor, connector, and circuits. There are lots of info like temperature, power supply, potential applications, calibration trigger sensor, mounting, and supply are presented in this product sheet.

Inside this product sheet we can find description around sensor interface boards, control, power consumption, heating element, interface boards, oxygen sensors, and calibration. Below are excerpted from this product sheet:

he Oxymac 50, Elecdit and DE800 sensor interface boards are control and measurement devices for Honeywell’s range of dynamic, highly accurate oxygen sensors. The ability of these sensors to operate without any reference gas makes them ideal for potential applications such as combustion and environmental control. Honeywell oxygen sensors using zirconia-based sensing elements require external connection to an electronic measuring circuit to control sensor operation and signal processing. A heating element on the sensor produces the 700 °C [1292 °F] required for the ZrO2 to achieve its operational temperature. These interface boards supply the sensor with the necessary circuits to provide this control and processing, while also providing sensor calibration. The DE800 interface also includes the heater supply, while the Oxymac50 and Elecdit require an external heater power supply.

In addition, the product sheet contains info regarding sensor calibration, calibration trigger, interface, power source, applications, and heater.

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