Panasonic EX-L200 Series-Amplifier Built-in Ultra-Compact Laser Sensor

There are many information like detection, deviation reflector, mounting bracket, object detection, circuit, precision, normal sensitivity, stability, and the sensing range are described in the datasheet. This datasheet presents information regarding mounting, sensitivity adjuster, photoelectric sensor, high precision detection, dimensions, distance, sensitivity, and precision detection.

Inside the datasheet we can read things about deviation, the sensitivity adjuster, laser, reflector, angular deviation, receiver, angular deviation receiver, and setting. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

SENSING CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL) Parallel deviation Horizontal direction 1,000 39.370 Vertical direction 500 Emitter 19.685 ℓ L Horizontal direction Emitter ℓ L Receiver Receiver 0 5 0 5 10 10 0.394 0.197 0.197 0.394 (Down) Left Center Right (Up) Operating point ℓ (mm in) 8 Setting distance L (mm in) Setting distance L (mm in) Vertical direction Angular deviation Receiver 1,000 angular 39.370 deviation Emitter L 500 19.685 θ Receiver Receiver angular deviation Receiver angular deviation EX-L212□ Parallel deviation 4 13.123 Receiver angular deviation Emitter θ L Receiver 20 0 20 40 Left Center Right Operating point θ ( ° ) Angular deviation 4 13.123 Vertical direction Horizontal direction 3 9.843 2 6.562 Vertical direction Emitter 1 3.281 ℓ L Receiver 0 40 Thru-beam type 0 Horizontal direction Emitter ℓ L Setting distance L (m ft) Thru-beam type Setting distance L (m ft) EX-L211□ Receiver 20 10 0 10 20 0.787 0.394 0.394 0.787

In addition, this datasheet explains more things like operation, setting distance, sensor, angular deviation reflector, laser sensor, protection, sensing range, and compact photoelectric sensor.

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