Paper About Fiber Optic DC Current Sensor

The paper presents things like sensor, phase modulator, signal processor, measurement, current, current sensor, installation, signal, sensing, and compensation. Inside this paper the reader can learn explanation such as gyroscope, loop, magnetic field, light, power, transducers, polarization, calibration, and optic current.

Lots of discussion regarding electronics, range, current transducers, sensor calibration, loops, modulator, electro winning, polarizations, temperature compensation, and digital output are presented inside the paper. These are selected from the paper:

Keywords: Current measurement, fiber-optic current sensor, current transducer, optical fiber devices, Faraday effect, electro process, high power conversion. At the coil end the light waves are reflected and then retrace the optical path y orthogonal linear light waves x 90° splice phase phase modulator retarder source photo diode left and right circular light waves elliptical-core fiber signal processor bus bar delay sensing fiber coil out ∆φR fiber capillary ∆φΡ epoxy strip Fig.

Additionally, this paper gives the reader discussion around sensing coil, phase shift, accuracy, temperature, currents, light waves, conductor, hall effect, and coil.

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