Paper About Adaptive Multi-Sensor Interface System On-Chip

In this paper we can read things around sensor, systems, implementation, configurable sensor interface, interface, the sensor interface, capacitive sensors, fpga, and architecture. This paper gives you discussion about universal sensor interface, processor, multi sensor interface, power consumption, signal processor, signal conditioning, multi sensor, and data.

There are many things related to simulation, signal, sensor signal processor, hardware, sensor signal, functional blocks, circuit, and fingerprint sensor are presented inside this paper. The following are grabbed from this paper:

16-bit SSP RXD 8-bit Σ-Δ ADC Universal Sensor Interface … Sensor array 2006 IEEE 16KB on-chip Instruction SRAM SPI 16KB on-chip Data SRAM 16-bit MAC Recently there has been a lot of focus on intelligent sensory systems and universal sensor interfaces. Universal Sensor Interface (USI) The sensor interface in this SoC is capable of reading out resistive and capacitive sensors, which are extensively present in a wide variety of smart sensor systems.

Even more, the paper gives the reader discussion regarding adaptive multi sensor, adc, the configurable sensor, reconfigurable sensor interface, sensor interface, sensor readout, applications, and sensors.

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