Paper About Aerial Measurement Technuiqe for ARDD in Water Fabs

The paper gives us things related to image, illumination, measurements, the aerial image, image qualification, inspection, focus measurements, and exposure wavelength. Lots of discussion like aerial image, patterns, defect disposition, figure, mask quality, the polarization effects, and wavelength are presented in the paper.

Inside this paper you can learn description such as measurement technique, system, transmission loss, measurement, transmission, aerial, polarization effects, and imaging. These are selected from this paper:

The Aerial Image Measurement System (AIMS™)* for 193 nm lithography emulation has been brought into operation successfully worldwide. A second generation system comprising 193 nm AIMS™ capability, mini-environment and SMIF, the AIMS™ fab 193 plus is currently introduced into the market. By adjustment of numerical aperture (NA), illumination type and partial illumination coherence to match the conditions in 193 nm steppers or scanners, it can emulate the exposure tool for any type of reticles like binary, OPC and PSM down to the 65 nm node. The system allows a rapid prediction of wafer printability of defects or defect repairs, and critical features, like dense patterns or contacts on the masks without the need to perform expensive image qualification consisting of test wafer exposures followed by SEM measurements.

Additionally, this paper gives us discussion around measurement system, scanners, polarization, image measurement, aerial images, the transmission loss, and aerial image measurement.

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