Paper About Antenna Measurement Techniques for SDARS Antennas

Many information around sdars antenna, measurements, elevation, measurement, and receiver are explained inside the paper. This paper contains explanation such as frequency, elevation angle, satellite signals, antenna measurement techniques, and polarization.

Inside the paper we can find information about system noise, noise, antenna gain, antenna module, and sdars antennas. Here are excerpted from this paper:

Figure 7-XM antenna gain at 45-deg elevation angle (vehicle roof) Figure 4-XM antenna radiation pattern along the horizon (TER performance) Figure 5-XM antenna gain along the horizon (TER performance) 3.3 Hidden Antennas One of the problems with SDARS adoption is that larger antenna structures can be aesthetically displeasing when mounted on vehicle roofs or glass. Figure 6-XM antenna gain at 45-deg elevation angle (ground plane) Figure 8-SDARS antenna gain inside vehicle (25-deg elevation angle) 3.4 Y-Factor, Noise Temperature, and G/T During this measurement, the complete antenna module is tested: antenna, LNA, and cable.

Giving more content, the paper contains information such as measurement techniques, elevation angles, response, and module.

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