Paper About Built-in Current Sensor for Delta/DDQ Testing

This paper presents discussion like state circuits, measurements, circuits, resolution, leakage current, measurement, and the quiescent current. Many info around sensor, frequency, the measurement block, current sensor, speed measurement, and the clock frequency are described in this paper.

Inside this paper the reader can find information related to reference voltage, parameters, comparator, implementation, circuit, and design. Here are selected from this paper:

3, MARCH 2004 511 Built-In Current Sensor for 1IDDQ Testing Josep Rius Vázquez and José Pineda de Gyvez, Member, IEEE 1 Abstract—This paper presents the implementation of a built-in current sensor for DDQ testing. 3, MARCH 2004 TABLE I SUMMARY OF CHARACTERISTICS AND SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PROPOSED BUILT-IN Thus, to avoid this test time problem, testing is some times reduced to the measurement of the quiescent current with just one input vector, with a limited accuracy.

Even more, this paper contains info about sensor operation, current monitor, signal, current, noise threshold, and fail signal.

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