Paper About Capacitive Differential Pressure Sensor for Harsh Environment

The paper gives us discussion regarding sensor, sensor element, measurements, actuators, and pressure sensor. Lots of information related to differential pressure, capacitive pressure sensor, instrumentation, and range are presented inside the paper.

Inside this paper the reader can find information related to radiation detectors, the differential pressure, pressure, differential pressure sensor, and output. The following are grabbed from the paper:

This sensor element picture shows the bossed diaphragm to the left, the reference capacitor to the right, the holes through the middle wafer and the channels in the lower wafer leading to the pressure inlet at the centre of the element backside. Drift of zero-point due to temperature and pressure Bare silicon pressure elements with soldered covar tubes have been tested for drift due to ambient pressure and Fig. He is since then working at SINTEF with design, manufacturing and testing of accelerometers, gas sensors and pressure sensors.

Additionally, this paper tells us discussion regarding ambient pressure, frequency, sensitivity, and sensors.

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