Paper About Capacitive Sensor Interface Circuit Based On Phase Differential Method

Many information about sensor interface, interface circuit, phase detector, detection circuit, charge pump circuit, phase detection circuit, accuracy, and sensor are described in the paper. This paper presents info related to simulation, output voltage, phase detection, circuit implementation, circuit, interface, capacitive, and soil moisture level.

In this paper you can read description like signal, capacitance, low pass filter, sensors, capacitive sensor, the phase detection, sensitivity, and output signal. Below are excerpted from the paper:

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 55 2009 A Capacitive Sensor Interface Circuit Based on Phase Differential Method H. Phase Detector Circuit A phase detector circuit is a frequency mixer or analog multiplier circuit. Charge Pump Circuits Charge pump circuit is a circuit consists of current source component and current sink component. In this design, type IV of phase frequency detector circuit is used together with charge pump and low pass filter to produce DC voltage proportional to phase difference.

Giving more content, this paper explains information things like sensor interface circuit, capacitive sensor interface, detector circuit, moisture sensor, schematic, phase, and frequency detector.

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