Paper About Carbon-Nanotube-Based Resonant Circuit Sensor for Ammonia

There are lots of discussion regarding response, the resonator sensor, and sensors are explained in this paper. The paper tells the reader explanation such as frequency, and resonant circuit.

In the paper you can learn explanation related to resonant sensors, and resonator. Below are some excerpt from this paper:

We present the design and development of highly sensitive and fast-responsive microwave resonant sensors for monitoring the presence of ammonia gas. The sensor consists of a circular disk electromagnetic resonant circuit coated with either single- or multiwalled carbon nanotubes that are highly sensitive to adsorbed gas molecules. Upon exposure to ammonia, the electrical resonant frequency of the sensor exhibits a dramatic downshift of 4.375 MHz. The recovery and response times of these sensors are nominally 10 min.

Also, the paper explains discussion around sensitivity, and sensor.

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