Paper About Configurable Hardware-Efficient Interface Circuit for Multi-Sensor Microsystem

This paper presents info regarding circuit, gain, the sensor interface, measurement, resolution, and sensor. Inside this paper we can learn description such as power consumption, efficiency, low power sensor, interface, range, and interface circuit.

Lots of things regarding sensor interface circuit, resistive sensor, power sensor, capacitive sensors, analog sensor, and sensor interfaces are described in this paper. These are excerpted from this paper:

Much of the past research in this area has focused on either the generic sensor interface or the intelligent sensor system. In contrast, this paper addresses the development of a sensor readout circuit that is both flexible and efficient under the system and circuit level constraints imposed by the implementation of an intelligent, mixedsignal, sensor interface system-on-chip (SoC). By combining, at the design phase, a dedicated digital controller for intelligent system operation with a specialized multi-sensor analog sensor readout circuit, hardware and software/firmware resource can be optimized to improve the hardware efficiency and boost the adaptability of the system to a wide range of applications.

Giving more content, this paper gives the reader discussion around sensors, intelligent sensor, preamplifier, resistance measurement, sensor interface, and sensor interface system.

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