Paper About Current and Power Waveform Measurement Technique

The paper tells the reader information related to waveforms, resistance, the measuring circuit, circuit, schematic, and scale factor. Inside this paper you can find explanation like current waveform, the amplifier circuit, amplifier, measurement technique, sensor, and power waveform.

Many things regarding hall effect, waveform, amplifier schematic, differential measurement, measurement, and amplifier circuit are presented inside this paper. These are chosen from this paper:

Current and Power Waveform Measurement Technique Ron Pugh March 1, 2009 1 Introduction In measurement and debugging of power electronics circuits, it is essential to be able to view the waveform of a circuit’s current. The voltage across the shunt is a differential measurement, that is, the difference in voltage acrosss the shunt resistor. 2 3 Powered Shunt Figure 2: Powered Shunt Schematic Figure 3: Powered Shunt Assembly The shunt resistance must be large enough to generate a useful voltage for measurement.

Even more, this paper presents information things like differential amplifier schematic, hall effect sensor, oscilloscope, differential amplifier, the hall effect, and the shunt resistance.

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