Paper About Current Mode Interface for a Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Inside this paper you can find info regarding piezoresistance, circuits, noise immunity, signal, sensor interfacing, piezoresistive pressure sensor, and circuit design. The paper tells you discussion regarding design, the interface circuit, pressure sensor, interfacing, integrated circuit, and instrumentation.

There are many things regarding circuit, interfacing circuit, sensor, interface circuit, piezoresistive, and piezoresistive pressure are explained in the paper. Here are some excerpt from the paper:

Index Terms— CMOS analog integrated circuit, current conveyor, current mode, interface circuit, pressure sensor. SAMITIER et al.: A CURRENT-MODE INTERFACE CIRCUIT FOR A PIEZORESISTIVE PRESSURE SENSOR 709 consequently, the output voltage will be (2) Therefore, a linear dependence between the output current and the relative piezoresistor variation is obtained and can be expressed as follows: (3) In order to eliminate the constant output offset value formed has to be matched with the by the last two terms, either and or it could be also initial piezoresistor value compensated by an appropriate external voltage applied to the . His current research interests are analog integrated circuit design, mixed built-in signal structures, current-mode integrated circuit design, sensor interfacing integrated circuits and design of signal processing circuits.

Even more, the paper contains more about measurement, the pressure sensor, offset compensation, pressure sensors, current, and sensors.

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