Paper About Design of Sensor Electronics for Electrical Capacitance Tomography

Inside the paper the reader can get info related to noise, operational amplifiers, settling time, transfer circuit, sensitivity, electrode, measurement procedure, tomographic imaging system, the current detector, and signal. The paper contains info around parallel measurement, gain, image reconstruction, electrodes, the random noise, measurement resolution, measuring circuit, the current detectors, the data acquisition, and sensor.

Lots of discussion like acquisition, input noise, noise level, frequency, measurements, capacitance measurement, charge injection capacity, amplifiers, system, and resolution are explained in this paper. Below are grabbed from the paper:

The design of the sensor electronics for a tomographic imaging system based on electrical capacitance sensors is described. The performance of the sensor electronics is crucial to the performance of the imaging system. The problems associated with such a measurement process are discussed and solutions to these are described. Test results show that the present design has a resolution of 0.3 femtofarad (For a 12-electrode system imaging an oil/gas flow, this represents a 2% gas void fraction change at the centre of the pipe) with a low noise level of 0.08 fF (rms value),

Furthermore, the paper contains info such as current detectors, measurement, data acquisition, the capacitance measuring, capacitance measuring circuit, detectors, the sensor electronics, the imaging system, tomographic imaging, and circuit.

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