Paper About Development of Object Detection Technology Using Laser Sensor for Intelligent Excavation Work

Inside this paper the reader can read description such as sensor operation algorithm, the object detection, the laser sensor, measurement, interface performance test, object detection, and automated data acquisition. The paper tells the reader things like detection algorithm, data, operation algorithm, safety management, sensors, acquisition, and laser sensor.

There are lots of explanation around user interface, sonar sensor, interface, data acquisition, user interface performance, user interface system, and interface system are explained inside the paper. Here are chosen from the paper:

118 26th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2009) Table 1 Comparison of the applicability of essential technologies to object detection distance operability during Real-time omni-directional measurement movement or detection (360°) Detection (more than 10m) vibration Laser Scan unfeasible unfeasible feasible unfeasible (Triangular) Laser Scan unfeasible feasible feasible unfeasible (TOF) Stereo Vision feasible unfeasible feasible feasible (Pattern matching) Stereo Vision feasible (Shape from Shading) feasible unfeasible feasible requires light (Structured Light) Intelligent Camera feasible feasible unfeasible feasible CCD Camera feasible unfeasible unfeasible feasible Sonar Sensor feasible unfeasible feasible feasible Laser Sensor feasible unfeasible feasible feasible Figure 2 Object Detection by SICK Laser Sensor 2.2 Sensor Operation Algorithm Figure 4 depicts the sensor activation algorithm for the detection of obstacle objec

Additionally, the paper contains discussion regarding sensor activation, management system, sensor installation, interface performance, detection performance, and safety management system.

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