Paper About Digital Quartz Pressure Transducers for Flight Application

There are many info like measurements, pressure transducers, pressure ratio, instrument error, and sensors are presented inside this paper. Inside the paper the reader can learn things related to environmental errors, quartz pressure transducers, pressure sensors, and transmitters.

This paper contains discussion about transducers, accuracy, instrumentation, and engine performance. Below are grabbed from the paper:

Topics to be discussed include digital electronic engine control systems, in-flight engine monitoring, flight performance benefits from improved instrumentation and control, and digital air data computer applications. Parameters under consideration included overall engine pressure ratio (Pt 7/ Pt 2), low rotor speed (N1 ), fan pressure ratio (Pt 2.5/Pt 2 ), and pressure ratio based on turbine interstage pressure (Pt 6/Pt 2).

Furthermore, this paper gives the reader more things like the pressure transducers, performance, data, and transducer.

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