Paper About Diode Laser Sensor for Pulse Detonation Engines

Inside this paper the reader can learn info such as laser, ethylene sensor, sensor, measurements, and lasers. Lots of information related to data, diode laser sensor, pulse detonation, and laser absorption are described in this paper.

This paper contains explanation such as the h2o sensor, concentration sensor, mole fraction sensor, and measurement. Below are taken from this paper:

Water temperature and concentration sensor (stage VI) We have previously used a hybrid scanned/fixed-wavelength sensor to measure the temperature and mole fraction of water vapor during stage VI of the PDE cycle [5]. Initial sensor applications Ethylene mole fraction sensor (stage I) The ethylene mole fraction sensor has been applied simultaneously to the head and tail ends of the Stanford PDE, as shown schematically in Fig. Water temperature and mole fraction sensor (stage VI) The H2O sensor was applied to the tail end of the 13-cm diameter PDE at NPS [14], as shown schematically in Fig.

In addition, the paper contains more around fraction sensor, parameters, diode laser, and sensors.

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