Paper About Electronic Interfacing for Thermopile Infra-Red Detectors

There are lots of discussion regarding cmos sensor, noise, cmos sensor interface, and amplifier are presented inside the paper. The paper tells us discussion around sensor, instrumentation amplifier, sensor interface, and range.

In this paper we can learn things related to the cmos sensor, circuit, instrumentation, and interface. Below are chosen from the paper:

This paper reports a simple, high resolution and low cost electronic interface for a thermopile (TP) Infra-Red (IR) sensor. The input referred noise of the interface is 670 nV, which corresponds to 0.07 ºC of object temperature, in a full range of ±4 mV. A Nickel resistor as a reference for sensor temperature, is measured with resolution of 0.1 Ω in a full range of 1kΩ. The effect of electrical time constant of thermopile in combination with interface, has been investigated. The measurement time is about 140 ms. A chopper amplifier with gain of 15 and frequency of 8 kHz is used.

Furthermore, the paper explains more around spectrum, thermal noise, signal, and electronic interface.

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