Paper About Fast Response Oxygen Sensor for Free Fall CTD

In this paper the reader can learn description regarding concentration, sensors, sampling, thickness, oxygen sensor, and sensor. The paper presents discussion such as speed, pressure, conductivity, partial pressure, oxygen, and frequency.

Many information around the response time, the current output, response, electrode oxygen sensor, the oxygen sensor, and response time are presented in the paper. These are selected from this paper:

The thickness of the boundary layer of oxygen is (D/V)‘/, (X v/u)” where D is the diffusion coefficient of oxygen (3 x 1Ob9 m* ssl), v is the kinematic viscosity of water (1 Oe6 m2 s-l), x is the length of the sensor ( lop2 m), and u is the velocity of the water past the sensor (Hitchman 1978; The sensor was towed through the flume at 1 m ss’ with a l-cm-square grid placed 10 cm in front of the sensor to determine the sensitivity of the sensor to small-scale fluctuations of water velocity.

Giving more content, the paper explains info such as output signal, resolution, signal, water velocity, current output, and salinity.

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