Paper About Fiber-Optic Current Sensor for The Electro-Chemical Industry

Many explanation about optic phase, sensor calibration, optic current, sensor, signal, the electro chemical, modulator, phase modulator, and performance are explained in this paper. The paper gives you discussion regarding current, measurement, the magnetic field, polarizations, fiber, accuracy, optic current sensor, and linear polarizations.

In this paper the reader can read description around transducers, output, module, magnetic field, installation, current sensor, calibration, and sensor performance. These are excerpted from the paper:

As a result of the integration of the magnetic field along a closed loop around the conductor the sensor correctly measures the current independent of the particular field distribution or currents in the Signal at constant current vs coil temperature. Normalized signal 1.002 constant current +/-0.1% 1.001 1.000 0.999 0.998 1 2 3 A fiber-optic current sensor for the measurement of dc currents up to 500 kA in the electro-chemical industry has been developed.

Even more, this paper presents info around detection, current transducers, electro chemical, faraday effect, range, sensor output, fiber gyroscope module, and fiber optic current.

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