Paper About Flexible Membrane Pressure Sensor

The paper tells the reader discussion like wheatstone bridge, sensing elements, and pressure sensor. There are many things related to sensor, the sensing elements, and pressure are presented in this paper.

Inside this paper you can get information like the pressure sensor, wheatstone, and membrane. Below are excerpted from this paper:

Sensors and Actuators A 119 (2005) 332–335 Flexible membrane pressure sensor H.C. For the model, a 10 × 10 four-node rectangular-shape function elements were modeled using Mathematica v4.1 and the analytical solution is given by respectively, VdcFEM = 142829 × ξ × P ×A ρ (2) VdcExact = 140496 × ξ × P ×A ρ (3) where P is the applied pressure, A the cross section area of sample under pressure, ρ = 1.42E3 kg/m3 the density of thin film system, ξ = 0.05244 a calibration constant that converts the thin film deflection (d, mm) into the corresponding output voltage (V, mV) via curve-fitting method.

Additionally, this paper tells you more around sensors, and full wheatstone bridge.

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