Paper About High Current Sensing : Difference Amplifier Vs. Current Sense Amplifier

In the paper the reader can read explanation like architectures, impedance, amplifiers, pwm, solenoid control, current, accuracy, signal, and range. This paper contains info related to difference amplifiers, difference amplifier, amplifier, architecture, application, input signal, the input voltage, applications, and the shunt resistor.

There are many explanation related to differential input voltage, function, motor control, current sense, current consumption, current sensor, common mode, input voltage, and current sense amplifiers are explained inside the paper. Below are excerpted from the paper:

Input CMR (DC) Input CMR (PWM) “Off” Input Bias-Current Consumption External Filtering Input Stress Susceptibility Current-Sense Amplifiers Difference Amplifiers Instantaneous current Average current >100 dB About 80 dB About 80 dB About 80 dB Continuous leakage in input resistance divider “Pre” or “post” Very low Primarily “post” External stresses need careful consideration Typically robust REFERENCES—VALID AS OF JANUARY 2008 1 ADI website: (Search) AD8206 (Go) 3 ADI website: (Search) AD8210 (Go) 2 THE AUTHOR Henri Sino [] is an applications engineer in the Integrated Amplifier Products (IAP) group at Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA.

Additionally, the paper contains more things like monitoring, error, performance, circuit, applications monitoring, filter, bias current, and current monitoring.

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