Paper About Indoor Accurate RCS Measurement Technique on UHF Band

Inside this paper we can get explanation related to analyzer, power amplifier, techniques, network analyzer, section measurements, propagation, applications, and cancellation. This paper tells the reader info about response, fourier transform, indoor measurement, range, signal, electromagnetic waves, and frequency system.

There are lots of info about spectrum, frequency domain, measurements, measurement, resolution, performance, and measurement system are described inside this paper. Here are grabbed from this paper:

Progress In Electromagnetics Research, PIER 81, 279–289, 2008 INDOOR ACCURATE RCS MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUE ON UHF BAND C. Zhang UAV Specialty Technique Key Laboratory of National Defense Technology Northwestern Polytechnic University Xi’an, Shaanxi 710072, China Abstract—Based on the step-frequency RCS measurement system, high performance absorbers and low scattering supports, employing two log-periodic dipole antennas to carry out the quasi-monostatic measurement and many DSP techniques to reduce the error, the indoor accurate RCS measurement can be completed on UHF band.

In addition, the paper explains info around range resolution, frequency rcs measurement, rcs measurement system, frequency signal, the indoor measurement, domain response, and signal spectrum.

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