Paper About Integrated Sensors : Interfacing Electronics to Non Electronic World

The paper presents things like systems, etch stop, physical parameters, sensor, and concentration. In this paper you can find things related to output, integrated sensor, pressure sensors, transducers, and the sensor area.

Lots of discussion related to parameter, sensors, pressure, performance, and data converters are described inside the paper. Here are taken from this paper:

Sensors and Actuators, INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC 2 (1982) SENSORS: WORLD 229 – 237 229 INTERFACING ELECTRONICS TO A NON- K D WISE Department of Electrrcal MI48109 (USA) and Computer Engmeerang, Unwerslty of Mrchrgan, Ann Arbor, Abstract This paper considers the rapldlydevelopmg field of mtegrated sensors, in which one or more transducersare homed with custom interface clrcultry on a smgle chip Many of the issues confrontmg continued development m this area are discussed, mcludmg process compatlbdlty and clrcult partltlomng Backed by an mcreasmgly powerful array of sohd-state process technoloses, integrated sensors are expected to be vvldelyapphed to extend microcomputer-based control m a variety of areas Introduction It has been less than twenty-five years smce the first monohthlc sohdstate devices were reahzed using the planar process, but the tremendous progress shown by the emergmg field of mlcroelectromcs ISwell known The functional sophlstlcatlon of monohthlc cn-cults

In addition, this paper presents information things like system, transducer, transducer arrays, and integrated sensors.

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