Paper About Interfacing Optical Current Sensor in A Substation

This paper presents discussion regarding transducers, sensor, digital, noise, optical current, and system. In this paper the reader can learn description around optical current sensor, optical, opto electronics, optical sensors, and current.

There are many things like optical current sensors, current sensors, sensors, measurement, optical phase modulator, and distortion are described inside this paper. Below are selected from the paper:

Optical current sensors are achieving increased acceptance and use in high voltage substations due to their superior accuracy, bandwidth, dynamic range and inherent isolation. Once deemed specialized devices intended for novel applications, optical sensors have risen to a performance level exceeding conventional magnetic devices. Optical current sensors have pushed the limits of measurement beyond what is presently available with conventional technology. In order for users of optical transducers to realize the complete benefits available from this new technology, an understanding of the differences between conventional transformers and optical sensors is critical.

Also, the paper presents more about current sensor, interfacing, the optical sensor, power distortion, and optical sensor.

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