Paper About Laser Interferomatic Sensor for Seismic Wave Velocity Measurement

This paper presents information related to laser, error, equation, refraction, waves measurement, seismic wave, and sensor. Lots of things like data acquisition, laser interferometric sensor, system, fluctuations, acquisition, analysis, and interferometer are described inside this paper.

Inside this paper the reader can find information like frequency direct measurement, instrument, interferometric sensor, beam splitter, noise, sensitivity, and acceleration. These are grabbed from the paper:

Laser interferometry is one of the most sensitive methods for small displacement measurement for scientific and industrial applications, whose wide diffusion in very different fields is due not only to the high sensitivity and reliability of laser interferometric techniques, but also to the availability of not expensive optical components and high quality low-cost laser sources. Interferometric techniques have been already successfully applied also to the design and implementation of very sensitive sensors for geophysical applications.1 In this paper we describe the architecture and the expected theoretical performances of a laser interferometric velocimeter for seismic waves measurement.

In addition, this paper contains info such as sampling frequency, seismic noise measurement, noise measurement, measurement, interferometric, and the seismic wave.

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