Paper About Lateral and Depth Calibration Distance of PMD-Distance Sensor

There are lots of discussion such as error, range, pmd distance sensors, recognition, distances, pattern recognition, reference signal, corner detection, resolution, distortion coefficients, and correction are explained in the paper. In this paper the reader can find things around analysis, calibration techniques, function, signal, calibration, distance sensors, pmd, calibration steps, distortion, and image sensors.

The paper gives you explanation such as camera calibration, systems, sensors, calibration process, deviation, parameters, distance calibration process, systematic error, process, the pmd camera, and distance measurement. These are grabbed from the paper:

As the B-spline fitting relates to an average deviation between the distance d(x, y, k ) and the expected distance dref (x, y, k ), b(d(x, y, k )) ≈ davg (k ) − dref (x, y, k ), (3) an evaluation of the B-spline at a per-pixel distance leads to errors in the global adjustment. 3 dp (k ) ≈ bglob (d(x, y, k )) + dp (x, y, k ) avg ref Thus, the overall distance calibration is given by dc (x, y, k ) = bglob (d(x, y, k ) − lx,y (d(x, y, k ))) To eliminate remaining distance deviations a second line fitting analog to the pre-adjustment can be performed.

Even more, this paper contains info things like distance calibration, the lateral calibration, pattern, calibration parameters, perspective projection, the distance calibration, the calibration process, distance, calibration module, and lateral calibration.

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