Paper About Long Distance Wireless Sensor Networks : Simulation Vs Reality

There are lots of information about distance, wireless, range, sensor network, wireless sensor, and elevation are explained inside the paper. In the paper we can learn things around distances, radio mobile simulation, wireless sensor networks, distance wireless sensor, and sensor.

This paper tells you discussion around networks, simulation, sensor networks, frequency, and long distance wireless. The following are some excerpt from the paper:

Long Distance Wireless Sensor Networks: simulation vs reality Marco Zennaro Antoine Bagula The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy, and KTH Stockholm, Sweden University of Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa David Gascon, Alberto Bielsa Noveleta Libelium Zaragoza, Spain, ABSTRACT Wireless sensor networks allow unprecedented abilities to observe and understand large-scale, real-world phenomena at a fine spatial-temporal resolution. This paper revisits the problem of long distance wireless sensor network deployment by (1) assessing the relevance of using simulation in planning long distance links and (2) proposing a long distance wireless sensor deployment as case study.

Furthermore, this paper contains discussion about wireless sensor network, transceivers, distance wireless, sensor network deployment, and mobile simulation.

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