Paper About Miniature Combination Pressure/Temperature Sensors with Redundant Capability

The paper presents information about measurement, pressure temperature sensor, systems, response, wheatstone, accuracy, and pressure temperature sensors. Inside this paper you can read explanation regarding sensors, temperature sensor, measurements, reliability, design, applications, and redundant sensor.

Many information such as response time, pressure measurements, output, the response time, redundant capability, pressure sensing, and temperature sensors are presented in the paper. Below are grabbed from this paper:

Figure 1 – Miniature Pressure/Temperature Sensor 123 Semiconductor Products Inc Page 2 of 8 Figure 2 – Miniature sensor with screen removed, showing two pressure sensing dies In high reliability systems, the redundant sensor has been used with multiple wire harnesses. The RTD is mounted on a variety of sensors, including aircraft sensors for oil and fuel measurement, or automotive sensors, for hydraulic, engine oil and coolant measurement. Figure 3 – Thin Film RTD Figure 4 – Enlargement of RTD active sensing area Figure 5 – RTD Probe Stainless Steel Sheath For redundant RTD capability, two RTD devices can be packaged in a single tube.

In addition, this paper contains information about pressure sensor, wheatstone bridge, capability, installation, temperature measurements, and temperature.

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