Paper About Mixed Mode Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators

Many information around acquisition, smart transducer, analog transducers, controller, implementation, and transducers are presented in the paper. Inside this paper the reader can read info regarding transducer communication, parameters, measurement, transducer interface, principle diagram, and communication.

The paper gives the reader things about system, signal, interface, digital communication, sensors, and data acquisition. Here are selected from the paper:

the existing mixed-mode transducer communication schemes, the Transducer Electr onic Data Sheet (TEDS) requirements, compatibility with legacy systems, and utilization of results of other P1451 developments to leverage existing and emerging sensor-networking technologies. Today, the transducer industry produces and utilizes mainly analog transducers. Interfacing these transducers to measurement and control systems is a major and costly undertaking. While digital communication is the trend of the future, the issue of interfacing analog transducers with additional smart features to legacy systems should be addressed. The test and measurement community requires transducers with built-in identification which also fulfill more common requirements: 2 wire system, small size, low cost, low power consumption, etc.

Giving more content, the paper contains info such as transducer, calibration, interfaces, sensor, and accelerometer.

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