Paper About New Bandwidth Measurement Technique for Service Overlay Network

Lots of explanation regarding network model, stream, measurement algorithms, the measurement algorithm, bandwidth, delay, measurement result, and transmission rates are presented in this paper. This paper tells us info around measurement methods, traffic, data, transmission rate, tcp transmission speed, techniques, receiver, and measurement.

Inside the paper the reader can read information about accuracy, measurement algorithm, mechanism, bottleneck, characteristics, network measurement, network, and transmission speed. The following are taken from the paper:

2 Inline network measurement in IP-based Service Overlay Networks 2.1 Requirements In accordance with the above discussion, we consider the following factors to be the requirements of the measurement algorithm of inline network measurement: – Small number of packets used Because our method uses TCP packets for the measurement, there is a restriction on the number of packets available for transmission at any one time.

Furthermore, this paper explains more such as algorithm, the measurement speed, bandwidth measurement, transmission, measurement speed, background traffic, measurement techniques, and measurement accuracy.

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