Paper About Novel Interface for Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

In the paper we can learn information such as sampling phase, the oscillation frequency, eddy current, measurement method, voltage, current displacement sensors, measurement, the sampling rate, and interface. Many information related to signal conditioning, signal, sensors, circuit, the electronic instrumentation, frequency, resolution, and sensor are presented inside the paper.

This paper presents explanation like interface system, phase noise, output impedance, metric measurement, current, ratio, signal bandwidth, and bandwidth. Here are excerpted from this paper:

In this paper, we propose a novel interface concept for eddy current displacement sensors. A measurement method and a new front-end circuit are also proposed. The front-end circuit demonstrates excellent thermal stability, high resolution, and low-power consumption. The proposed idea is analytically investigated. The demodulation principle, as well as the interface implementation, is also addressed. This interface is being introduced for measuring submicrometer displacements in medium- to high-resolution applications. The interface system consumes less than 12 mW and has an extremely low thermal drift. The interface circuit will be implemented as a system-in-a-package (SIP).

Furthermore, the paper gives you more things like circuits, sampling, displacement sensors, electronic instrumentation, noise, oscillation frequency, instrumentation, and power consumption.

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