Paper About Numerical Analysis of DFB Fiber Laser Sensor

This paper presents things around lasers, sensor, and fiber optic sensor. In this paper we can get information such as optic sensor, and analysis.

Many info like electromagnetic field, and equation are presented inside this paper. Below are selected from the paper:

This paper is pointing to numerical simulation of various aspects of distributed feedback fiber laser sensors and their applications mainly in the field of the aeronautical applications. The developed numerical analysis has the aim of a better understanding of DFB-FL itself and of its interaction with environment in order to be operated as a sensor. Numerical analysis concentrates both on the FEM and phenomenological methods. CATION An important aeronautical application of fiber optic sensors consists in determination of transition zone between laminar and turbulent flow of air along the wing surface.

Furthermore, this paper tells the reader more regarding laser sensor, and fiber laser.

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