Paper About Off-Chip Sensor Circuit for Transient Current Testing

The paper contains discussion related to transient current, configuration, and current testing. In the paper we can get description related to circuit, current sensor, and measurement.

There are many explanation related to voltage waveform, the transient current, and current waveforms are described inside this paper. The following are excerpted from this paper:

Key words: Current based testing, transient current, off-chip current monitors, high-speed measurements. These include current shape analysis [1], measurement of the transient current at a given time [2], combination of time and frequency-domain analysis [3], measurement of the average energy consumption ratios [4], power and ground supply pulsing [5], transient Vdd analysis [6], or charge based transient current testing [7]. “Transient Current Testing Based on Current (Charge) Integration”, IEEE International Workshop on IDDQ Testing, 1998.

Also, this paper presents info around measurements, characteristics, and sensitivity.

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