Paper About Optical Current Sensor Eliminate CT Saturation

Lots of info such as measurement, distortion, accurate measurement, applications, optical sensor, and sensors are explained inside this paper. The paper contains things regarding algorithms, system, saturation, optical current sensor, current sensor technology, and optical sensors.

In the paper the reader can read description regarding sensor, optical current sensors, optical current, current sensor, protection relays, and current. Here are chosen from the paper:

Optical current sensors are achieving increased acceptance and use in high voltage substations due to their superior accuracy, bandwidth, dynamic range and inherent isolation. Once deemed specialized devices intended for novel applications, optical sensors have risen to a performance level exceeding conventional magnetic devices. A specific area where optical current sensors outperform conventional iron core transformers is the measurement of very high currents that occur during a fault on the power system. Conventional instrument transformers utilize an iron core and windings ratio to step down the current measured in the primary to a more manageable current level for secondary devices such as meters and relays.

Additionally, this paper contains discussion such as magnetic, magnetic field, design, current measurement, instrument, and optical.

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